Gaza, Gen AI and Israel


You will know that generative AI did not help with this post. Every time I ask the AI tool to address the issue of Gaza, I get a silly little prompt that this issue is complex and contested.

I tried the same with questions about whether settlements are illegal, whether there are legal boundaries for Israel, etc.
I even tried factual prompts, I asked the Gen AI tool I use to answer a simple question. I asked whether the UN considers the Israeli settlements illegal, and that answer was clear.

Gen AI wants me to know that the international law and security council aside, the issue is complex

A “flagrant violation” of international law, however, that was modified immediately with a “however”.

This is similar to what I shared last week on Instagram, it seems that the more outcry and “Antisemitism” yells occur, the more the Gen AI tools become Artificially stupid.

Peace in Gaza is not within reach

I am Palestinian, and while Israel ethnically cleansed the village that we hail from more than 75 years ago, this will not change my association with Palestine. Atrocious attacks like the ones occurring in Gaza right now help sustain our memories. It proves that the 1948 genocide was not odd but is part of the systematic approach of Israel towards Palestine. It is the same as the 1967 Exodus, two events my family suffered. Like many attacks, Israel has conducted against innocent civilians since then.

I recall the assaults of the First Intifadah and Second Intifadah, the many “operations” that Israel conducted in the West Bank and Gaza, and, Finally, the ongoing genocide going on in Gaza right before the eyes of the silent world.

It is not unknown to most observers that the present situation is not sustainable. It will create more frustration, angst, death, and radicalism. The Israeli population is continuing to vote further and further to the right, as we have seen in the surge of ultra-right-wing parties.

Do not expect the Palestinians to suddenly let go of the claims and submit under the might of the Israeli assault, severe and inhumane as it is. If anything, there is a whole generation that Israel pushed to support the armed resistance option. When you fail to protect civilians, they will clutch the only straw they know: militancy. 

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