Ras Abu Ammar

In the Nineteenth chapter of the Victor Guérin‘s “Description of the Geography, History and Archeology of Palestine,” located in the second book of the seven book series. The Author sets of on a journey to discover Palestine. He leaves Jerusalem at 4:20 in the afternoon on May 11th, on May 12th the Frenchman leaves Khirbet Bouktiari (خربة بكتياري) at 5:45 AM

By 1:30 PM that day, the traveler is shown a small village sitting atop a mountain. The village is called Er-Ras (الراس), which he translates to the summit. The year was 1868 and the population of the village would have been around 80 Men and around 8 houses. Had Monsieur Guérin visited it like he visited the larger village of Waladjeh,he would have probably met one of my ancestors.

I am bothered by how little information about this village is moving from one generation to the next, especially those in the diaspora.

Image of the village take in 1948, when the village was depopulated. From the archives of the Palmach

I tried to collect all the data about this village here in one place, perhaps that will help future generations stay in touch with it. Should I say her?

I tried collecting all the data that I could gather and I appreciate all the help I got from Wikipedia editors in finding references and from everyone who contributed

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