Petra, Jordan

My wife and I in Petra

The easiest wonder to visit for me was Petra, which is a 3 hour drive from Amman, where we live, the old Nabataean city of epic fame and of rose-red glory, it is a reminder for the development of the area boxed between the Euphrates in the East, the Red Sea in the West and between Syria in the North and Arabia in the South. The Nabataeans had two major cities in the present day area of Southern Jordan, Petra and Feynan, and a network of roads and oases.

Feynan was probably a mining and metalworking community which provided the neighboring empires with access to valuable copper at a considerable premium and allowed the Nabateans to develop viable trade routes. Petra, the capital of their kingdom, was a bit of a fork in the throats of Roman, Judean and Egyptian empires. At its short lived zenith it was a prime example of a local kingdom using local technology and know-how to prosper in harsh terrain and conditions. 

Ruins in Feynan in the South of Jordan

I was lucky enough to have visited Feynan in 2006 and Petra in June, 2011. Petra’s ever lasting beauty and the rich history behind it left no doubt in my mind that it should be called a wonder of the world.

Caves and Caverns in Petra