My Bucketlist

There are many things on this list that I have accomplished already earlier in this lifetime, but the reason I did them wasn’t the same reason that I am doing them this time around. 

I created this list to remind myself that life is worth living. My father died at the young age of 49, and while he enjoyed life to a certain extent, I don’t think he knew what accomplishments were his goals. I do think he was a great father and provider but he ignored himself a lot through it, I vow that I will never do the same.

Clicking on an item will take you to an explanation of the thing I am supposed to do or have done. I have used many sources in compiling this list. The prime resource for me was Richard Horne’s 101 things to do, other resources include other peoples’ lists and some google searches.

Visit the Wonders of the World
Grow Something
Win an Award, Trophy or Prize
Read the Greatest Books Ever Written
Write a Best-Seller
Swim with …
Own a Pointless Collection
Go up in a Hot Air Balloon
See a Rocket Launch
Realize your Childhood Dreams
Capture the Moment in an Award-Winning Photograph
Get Something Named After you
Be an Extra in a Film
Bungee Jump
Sky Dive
Scuba Dive
Stay in the Best Suite in a 5-Star Hotel
See the Aurora Borealis
Make Fire without Matches
Learn Astronomy and Read the Night Sky
Catch a Fish with your Bare Hands
Get in Shape
Get a Free Upgrade on a Plane
See Both Lunar and Solar Eclipses
Learn Another Language
Leave a Job you Hate
Own an Original Work of Art
Go on a Demonstration
Make the Front-Page of a National Newspaper
Drive a Car at Top Speed
In Various Languages, Learn to…
Invent a Word that Makes it into the Dictionary
Learn to Fly a plane
Invent Something
Visit the Biggest Structures in the World
Run a Marathon
Join the 16-Mile High Club
Continue my Gene Pool
Join a club