Be an extra in a film

Radi as an extra in a movie

Being an extra in a film was Another Bucket-list item. I was in college and a passer-by was shooting a scene for some movie. One look at us and asked us to be in the film. He shot the scene in which I protested about something. The director told me that it was a scene in a documentary on Mordechai Vanunu. My friend and I fit the description of being Arabs so we got a few seconds as extras.

Wait, did I look Arabic enough or Jewish enough.

At the end, the “movie” is just an episode in the series Betrayal! which told the Vanunu story. It is a documentary type video which

The clearest shot I could get from the scene is below at 9:57 from the episode

Radi as an extra in a movie
Radi Radi and Ameen Al Bayoumi as extras in a documentary

It took no effort on my side to get to be an extra in a film, except for my genes. It took a day of research to find the video online and capture this still.