About Me

I always wondered how to write a page about me; About Radi Radi. The idea seemed narcissistic and required a whole lot of self promotion, stretches and half-truths. The relevance of what to write is another issue, some people define themselves by what they do in life. Others define themselves by what they achieved. Some take pride in their heritage, whether it is familial, ethnic or cultural. Some focus on nationality or religion.

Facts should mean the same things to most people, so I will start there and then expand as the need arises. My profession is a Pilot working for Royal Jordanian and I fly the Airbus A320. Some managerial work that I do for the airline keeps me from flying as often as I want.

I am married to my better half since October 2010 and we currently reside in Amman. I am a Jordanian from Palestinian heritage and my grandparents come from the small village of Ras Abu Ammar. It is a village that was ethnically cleansed in 1948 and now lies in in the district of Jerusalem in what has become Israel. My father was born in 1949, so I am a second generation Palestinian refugee.

Early Years

I was born in Abu Dhabi in 1985 and lived there through 1999. All my family from my father’s side resided -many still do- in that country and it was home away from home for them. Their family lost a home in Ras Abu Ammar in 1948 and then lived under occupation starting 1967. The refuge home was Aida Refugee Camp. My father didn’t waste much time and in 1967 moved to Abu Dhabi to work there, before the formation of the United Arab Emirates. 

Over the years many more of his family and extended relations also called that country home. Three of my siblings live there and still call it home to them and their offspring.

That country -UAE- doesn’t believe in birth rights or the right of citizenship, so I maintain a Jordanian citizenship.


As a young kid, I was always interested in the internet. aajobs.com was the first domain that I owned and started with the help of my uncle. It was a recruitment agency that back in 1997, my 12 year-old self thought of as my ticket to internet fame. Afterwhich, I always maintained a web presence of some sort, this website is a continuation of that.

An avid reader and every once in a while I engage in some writing. For the future I have some personal targets and some things on my bucketlist. I am working to cross-off as many as I can.

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Radi Radi