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Livery, it’s that scheme of colors that airlines put on airplanes to distinguish themselves. Some are just re-imaginations of national colors or flags. Some are a work of art.

Personally, in a very biased and non-neutral sort of way, I have a real preference for Royal Jordanian‘s livery. It is right there, bold and elegant at the same time. It is easily distinguishable and has no swooshs.

Swoosh is by far the worst thing an Airline can do for its brand. It’s right there with the rest. It’s like calling a burger joint, “Burgers,” sure it will convey they message but it is overstating the obvious.

What’s a swoosh? Think “Nike” but then painted on an airplane. I am not the first to write about this, in fact, I may be ten years too late to this. However, I just want to be clear that I will never post a picture of airplane with a swoosh except in this article to clarify what SHOULDN’T be a livery.

What should be a livery is something that shows a national symbol, a flag, a theme of colors. A cheat line is out of the question, modernity didn’t remove it from the catalogue

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