Medicine in the Arab World

AvicennaListening to Arab Autocrats, you will think that medicine is still the domain of the Arabs. We are the sole beneficiaries of Avicenna’s knowledge that we inherited and improved upon. They all boast of the availability Medicine in the Arab World to their loyal subjects.

When I was younger the whole of Jordan was learning to memorize the name of the state of Massachusetts because the King of Jordan was being treated by Mayo Clinic for his late stage cancer. This was in 1998 and 1999. Even in that time, there existed a Medical City called the King Hussein Medical City, but he still travelled for treatment.

In 2010, the world watched as the late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia travelled to the US for treatment of a herniated disc. Medicine in the Arab World did not seem to suit him either. He had to find it treatment ten thousand kilometers away.

Earlier this year, the Kuwaiti Emir travelled to the US for treatment. This was after the Bahraini Prime Minister came back from Germany after he spent time there for treatment. A prime minister since 1971, he surely knows the state of Medicine in the Arab World. He also has an award in his name for Bahraini doctors. But he didn’t let them operate on him apparently

Today I learnt that the Palestinian Chief Negotiator – I kid you not, this position still exists – Saeb Erekat has been diagnosed with COVID-19. He has been transferred to Hadassah Hospital which is ran by Israel Medical Services. It is important to note that some members of Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, asked for concessions for treating him. Also important is the note that no one has treatment for COVID-19 yet.

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