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What a shame. I was hoping that internet usage has evolved over the years and I was hoping the top websites in Jordan would include something interesting.

I started editing and creating Wikipedia pages around 2005, hoping to leave the world an easier and simpler place for those wishing to learn about a topic. A Free encyclopedia sounded like an aim

Alex gave us the rating for the top websites in Jordan
Alexa rates websites by popularity

Today, I looked up Alexa’s ranking for the most visited websites in Jordan. Hoping to see what intrigues Jordanians. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that is among the top website in Jordan. Which shows that Jordan is becoming vibrant with software developers.

I was also glad that was in the top 10. Arabiaweather is a real success story, despite official ridicule by the government, the young company was able to become the only real and reliable weather related service from the private sector in the Middle East. We needed that, we also needed to see in the top websites in Jordan.

Just look at the miserable state of the official portal of the Jordanian Meteorological Department, honest to God, they are using wallpaper images from Windows 95. The footer image background is called Midnight Blue and the mobile version doesn’t work properly.

What is a shame, however, is that a porn website is ranked 13 in Jordan (no hyperlink here). Really! Come on!

The top 20 website are broken as follows:

  • is #1, is #10 and Yahoo is Number #18
  • 13 are local news sites
  • Youtube is #4, Facebook is #11
  • ArabiaWeather is #9
  • Porn site is number #13

The fact that 13 news sites are in the top 20 is a good indication, however, this shows that the field is not settled yet and soon either a major force in news will take over and destroy them or that we will see consolidation.

Number 49 is, which is a virus. That means that a large portion of Jordanian computers are infected with a virus.

Wikipedia is at #21 in Jordan while globally it is #13, this after factoring in the effect of chinese megasites such as Tmall, Baidu, QQ, Sohu, Taobao and and .Take China out of the mixture and we will notice that Wikipedia jumps to #5

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