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Today I have to write about the literary scene in Jordan. I will start by saying it is a shame that we still have to pay a GST on book sales in Jordan. I am not sure how big a source of revenue it is, but judging by this article, the 71 publishers (are they still 71 since writing?) think it is further destroying the scene in Amman.

In ramadan, my reading hours increase as work hours decrease. I also visit bookstores as part of killing time while waiting for Iftar. My two favorite stores have met their demise this year.

The First is the Jordan Book Center, which used to have a good mix of curricula books and a decent selection of books. The second was the University Bookshop on Gardens Street.

I owe that store a good portion of my older books. The ones I bought in my late teens and early twenties. Almost all of my Mario Puzo collection is from that bookshop.

I have no doubt that both these stores realized that their business model is quickly eroding in Jordan. The Jordanian -barely existent- culture of reading is quickly fading away. Faced with a slow economy

I usually research my posts more than this, however, I went to the Department of Statistics website in order to try and get a feel of the literary scene in Jordan with some data and I knew I will fail when I saw this.

Disregard the 4st [Sic] Quarter for a second, trying to get a glimpse of data from the -assumedly- dashboard will have you comparing data from November 2018 with data from April 2019 and the 4th Quarter -again assumedly-

Ofcourse, the DoS will not have data on booksales in Jordan. For one thing, me and large number of my fellow citizens wait till we travel abroad to buy them because of the huge price differential and the selection that is available.

Second, it has become more and more common to do your book shopping from places like these

Street vendors of books are becoming more mainstream and are found in more Western Locations in Amman where the old bookshops are shutting down
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